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30 December 2011 ~ 9 Comments

ExtJS TreeStore / TreePanel remove record

Wondering how to remove a node from ExtJs TreeStore / TreePanel? Read the simple solution here.

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02 April 2011 ~ 6 Comments

ExtDesigner tutorial – the basics: ComboBox

A tutorial explaining how to use an ExtJs ComboBox with JsonStores, using Ext Designer and Zend Framwork.

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05 March 2011 ~ 11 Comments

Ext Store

A post explaining the basics and usage of Ext Store. Ext ArrayStore, Ext JsonStore, Ext XmlStore, Ext Direct Store and Ext GroupingStore is covered.

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05 March 2011 ~ 8 Comments

Ext Designer screencast: building a simple form

A screencast demonstrating basic usage of Ext Designer by creating a form and handling the form request.

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04 March 2011 ~ 40 Comments

Ext Designer tutorial – the basics: building forms

A basic tutorial describing how to make a form in Ext Designer, configure the javascript and do the serverhandling.

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19 January 2011 ~ 5 Comments

ExtJs Grid refresh

This post is about how to refresh ExtJs Grid. Refreshing the ExtJs Grid is achieved by a reload of the ExtJs store attached to the ExtJs Grid.

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05 January 2011 ~ 14 Comments

ExtJs Grid filter

The following post describes how to filter an ExtJs Grid. If you are not familiar with how ExtJs gridpanels work, you should read the following post: ExtJs Grid.

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19 December 2010 ~ 62 Comments

ExtJs GridPanel

In this post I will show how to make and customize a GridPanel in ExtJs.

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19 December 2010 ~ 29 Comments

ExtJs renderer

So, you have a column in some sort GridPanel (EditorGridPanel, PivotGrid or a PropertyGrid) that you want to format in a special way and are confused by Sencha Inc’s tecnical documentation  of ExtJs of the renderer property? We’ll try to sort out some things for you here with simple examples. We’ll use the GridPanel as […]

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11 December 2010 ~ 35 Comments

ExtJs, ExtDesigner and Zend Framework

Rapid RIA development using Sencha ExtJs and ExtDesigner in combination with Zend Framework and the MVC model.

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21 July 2010 ~ 52 Comments

Ext Designer – tutorial for a developer

Ext Designer – tutorial for a developer shows how to get started using Ext Designer.

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11 October 2009 ~ 9 Comments

Data from multiple stores to charts in ExtJs – jQuery flot

Got a comment on my previous post Ext JS Charts and timeaxis: Hi Nils – Thanks for the article. We have got two lines within a chart. We are using this for trend analysis. So, one line should show the actual data and the other we want to trend it beyond the actual data. We […]

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15 September 2009 ~ 6 Comments

Understanding JavaScript scope and finally ExtJs scope

To understand scope in ExtJs you need to first understand how scope actually works in javascript.

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23 August 2009 ~ 40 Comments

ExtJs – Working with Ext Chart and timeaxis

I am stuck in time (and dates). ExtJs has in their version 3 launched a Chart package. I have been working on a project that uses charts quite a lot. So far it has been based on FusionCharts, a flash based commercial alternative with more than 45 different types of charts. Quite interesting and impressive. […]

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08 August 2009 ~ 18 Comments

ExtJS Date format demystified

This article explains the usage of ExtJS Date format in a way which will make you understand.

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